10 Money Would You Rather Questions

Every week, we publish an inventory of Would You Rather questions having a certain theme this week, the questions are about cash.

We also have several thoughts of discussions and actions you could do together with your youth group that ties in with this particular cash theme.

If you’ve is not played it before, here’s the best way to play Would You Rather.


10 Money Would You Rather Questions

  1. Get lots of money doing a job you despise or not make much doing a job you like?
  2. marry someone wealthy who cheats on you or someone without any money who is devoted?
  3. have $100 or have your face on every $100 bill?
  4. come from a wealthy family and also have parents who don’t love you or come from a poor family and also have parents who do love you?
  5. Make millions creating a remedy for a disease that just saves 1,000 individuals or gets no cash creating a cure for a disease that saves 5 million individuals?
  6. be rich or strong?


Discussions / Actions

These questions could give a good opening to discuss:

Whether cash is very important to your young people and why

  1. What matters they put value on
  2. Delayed gratification
  3. As for youth group activities, here are a few suggestions:


Fundraisers of any sort to emphasize the good that money can do

Live Below The Line to explore and comprehend everything you can, in fact, live on (and how a lot of people do need certainly to reside)

Youth consumerism to check out the things they desire vs what they want

Budgeting for high-cost items to enhance this vital life skill

Financial awareness to enhance this crucial life skill overly

Thanksgiving to appreciate all that they’ve

Snitching if this is an issue your young people fight with

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Question: What other questions can you think of that possess a cash motif? Or do you have any suggestions for discussions or activities which could be organized in the back of these? We’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below.